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Explore the art of storytelling through both on-site and animated video production with Seamount Marketing. From dynamic on-site videos capturing real-life brand essence to captivating animated narratives, our videos engage, inspire, and resonate, ensuring your brand's message is conveyed with impact. 

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Initial Consultation

Storyboard & Video Production

Video Draft(s), Revisions & Final Sign Off

In the Initial Consultation phase, we delve deep into your vision, goals, and expectations for your video(s). Through collaborative discussions, we gather essential insights, ensuring the video production aligns perfectly with your brand and campaign objectives.

During the Storyboard & Video Production phase, our creative team outlines every scene and transition for your video(s). We bring your story to life through expert videography on-site or animated-video production. 

The Video Draft(s), Revisions & Final Sign Off phase marks the fine-tuning process following initial draft presentation. With your feedback, we reiterate the video design & editing until it aligns seamlessly with your vision. Once you're satisfied, we proceed to the final sign-off, ensuring the video is primed for launch, and yours to own.


Lights, Camera, Clicks: Crafting Compelling Video Ads for Maximum Impact


Learn about techniques for impactful video production for maximizing viewer engagement. Emphasizing visual storytelling, our blog post covers scriptwriting, production techniques, and strategies for audience attention. This guide serves as a concise resource for enhancing video ad effectiveness through compelling storytelling and strategic elements to maximize impact and engagement.

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