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  • Conan Mulisch

The Importance of Static Creative in Ad Execution

Static Creative's Place in the World of Dynamic Ads

In the ever-evolving realm of digital ads, the stalwart of static creative execution still holds it head high amongst a sea of dynamic, HTML5, and video formats targeted across Video ads, Meta ads, and Display ads. Despite the proliferation of motion-based creative, it is essential to embrace the unique strength of static creatives including their place within static carousels. In this blog, we will champion the efficacy of static creative from both a design and performance standpoint.

Static Creative for Brand Storytelling

Static creatives offer brands the opportunity to create compelling narratives that unfolds at the viewer's pace whether they be top of funnel branding or lower funnel promotions. The intentional sequencing of static images in carousels enables an accentuated storytelling approach, showcasing different facets of a product or service with finesse. Static creatives stand as timeless digital elements that complement and contribute to the broader ad strategy, particularly dynamic advertising.

Amidst the whirlwind of moving images and flashy content, static creatives provide a stable and focused message, allowing audiences to engage without the effort required of other ad types. Users have more time to engage static creative as it offers a welcomed respite to a plethora of dynamic content, thus ensuring that each static image advertisement plays a deliberate and impactful role in storytelling.

One perspective to have over marketing spend is funnel-based and ensuring both ends are being fulfilled in terms of close-to-capture low funnel retargeting campaigns and cast-a-wider-net high funnel campaigns. A competent higher funnel strategy will have a clear brand narrative, the product/service "Why Buy" story outlining exactly that, and digital creatives and syndication online. Read more about creating compelling and irresistible Meta ad creatives that capture attention and drive action. A recommended strategy would include static branded ad campaigns on Meta and Display, as an auxiliary to branded video ads.

Static Creative for Lower Funnel Retargeting

For lower funnel closing, static image ads work as an excellent complement to dynamic product ads to capture shoppers, that have already expressed an interest by visiting your website or interacting with your ads, at the point of purchase. While the recommended higher funnel static approach focuses on branding, lower funnel targeting should leverage static ad creative to highlight any existing promotions personalized to that audience bucket. Alternatively, highlighting USPs of the product/service in an easily digestible manner can influence the lower funnel shopper's purchase decision. As a business owner, if you have strong online reviews, ensure these are considered a USP of your business, consistently visible across your marketing communications, including lower funnel static ads.

Analyzing ROI

If your existing digital strategy does not include static ad creatives, it is recommended to diversify the advertising media with such. The same core KPIs that are recognized for other ad types specific to the targeted funnel should be reviewed for the static ad campaigns, however, the important perspective to gauge is the overall impact on performance from all campaigns on that channel specific to the targeted audience due to channel attribution complexities, i.e. if you are a sneakers brand and have a heavy focus on lower funnel Meta dynamic retargeting ads and review each campaign primarily from a cost per sale KPI, then review the same metric consolidated from dynamic and static, after a test period has been complete with the addition of static ads.

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